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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does comprehensive financial planning mean?
    Comprehensive planning means that we examine and review all aspects of your financial situation and take the time to understand your goals and resources. It is more than investing your money, financial planning keeps your finances on track throughout all stages of your life. Comprehensive analysis is necessary to ensure that a proper plan is put in place. We need to understand and analyze each piece of your financial situation so that we can put them all together to build your individualized plan.
  • Why do I need a financial planner?
    Not everyone needs our services. If you are someone who has the proper skills, knowledge, and time to manage your wealth, doing it yourself may be an option. However, most of our clients prefer to use us as a resource. We specialize in working with clients that are looking for holistic advice and/or working through a complex financial decision. We recommend our services to those who have gone through any major life changes (divorce, marriage, starting or selling a business, sending kids to college, etc.) and to those who are not confident in investing money themselves or do not understand the financial markets.
  • How can I find out if we are a good fit?
    Kemple Financial works best for clients who are committed to a long-term, ongoing relationship. We specialize in working with the following types of clients: - High Net Worth - Aggressive Savers - High Income Earners - Small Business Owners Our best fit is individuals who are ready to commit to work together in an active partnership and are looking for help managing their investments.
  • How do you get paid?
    We have a different fee structure depending on our services. Our investment management fee structure is simple, we are paid a fee based on the amount of assets we manage. For financial planning, we bill at an hourly rate.
  • What is Commonwealth Financial Network?
    Commonwealth Financial Network® is a Registered Investment Advisor–broker/dealer that provides back-office support to independent financial advisors. In addition to processing investment transactions on your behalf, Commonwealth offers us a unique mix of tools and support, which allows them to run their practice efficiently and spend more time focused on you.
  • What does fiduciary mean?
    At Kemple Financial, we are a fiduciary asset manager. We adhere to a fiduciary standard of conduct, including a duty of care and a duty of loyalty. The duty of care requires us to provide impartial and objective advice that’s in your best interest based on your circumstances and objectives. The duty of loyalty component requires that we put your best interests first and disclose all facts related to fees and conflicts of interest.
  • What information will I need to gather after our first meeting?
  • Do we need to meet in person?
    Most planning conversations can be done virtually or by phone for convenience purposes.
  • How much money do I need to retire?
    Each individual has their own amount needed to retire depending on factors such as lifestyle, spending habits, cost of living, healthcare, etc. We work with you to create a custom plan so that you can retire comfortably, according to your preferences.
  • Should I consider a Roth IRA or Roth 401k?
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