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Investment Management

Our Investment Selection Process

When it comes to portfolio construction, we use a long-term, strategic view, while incorporating a tactical overlay to determine portfolio allocations. Our team’s investment philosophy employs quantitative and qualitative measures to select securities for inclusion in client portfolios. We have complete flexibility in investment type, such mutual funds, ETFs, individual municipal fixed income, and individual equities, leveraging Commonwealth’s research analysts’ recommendations. Our investment philosophy process has five steps:



An initial screening process based on the quantitative criteria is used as a starting point for further research. Its purpose is to narrow down the universe of investments that meet the portfolio managers’ objective criteria.



After screening, the investments under consideration are evaluated by applying a scoring system based on returns adjusted to account for quantifiable risk. The investment is also evaluated based on its peer group ranking, benchmark relative performance, and consistency of investment management style.



The objective of our analysis is to build a solid understanding of how the investment operates. During this stage, we spend time evaluating our investment philosophy and process. After the in-depth analysis is complete, the team meets with the potential investment’s key decision makers – either on-site or over the phone—to gain a greater understanding of their process for managing the portfolio.


Portfolio Construction

After we have determined that the investment is attractive on a standalone basis, they assess how well the investment complements and fits with other portfolio holdings. A review of certain metrics, such as excess-return correlation, is performed to ensure that holdings will perform as expected in different market environments.


Ongoing Monitoring

Our portfolios are monitored on an ongoing basis. We continually conduct performance reviews, holdings-based attribution analysis, firm commentary reviews, and conference calls and meetings to determine whether a portfolio is meeting the risk-adjusted return expectations and its stated objective. You can relax knowing we are working hard for you, but we happily invite you to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

How You Pay For Our Services

Our fee structure is simple and transparent. We are paid a fee based on the amount of assets we are managing for you.

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