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Financial Planning

As a team, we understand that finances can be confusing and that determining how to best plan for your future can be a stressful task. Our clients often look to us to help simplify the process so that they can focus their time and energy on their family, passions, and career. We work hard and provide ongoing monitoring to ensure that you can enjoy your life and do what makes you happy, free from the stress of financial planning.    

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Our Financial Planning Process

You Meet Our Team 

  • Building trust and having a collaborative relationship is essential in Financial Planning. 

  • In our first meeting there is no agenda; it is our opportunity to get to know one another. We typically do this over the phone, or on Zoom.

  • We want to learn about you and your family, what’s most important to you, your top priorities, and any of your financial and/or planning concerns. 

  • You can provide us with a high-level understanding of your current financial situation: what’s worked, how you have planned so far, and any questions you may have. 

  • We share our initial thoughts and give you further information on our process and our fee structure. 

We Make a Plan

We Make a Plan

  • Once we determine how we will work together and what is important to you, we start working on your plan. 

  • This step of the process involves asking you to gather your financial documents, such as your pay stubs, investment account statements, mortgage/debt information, social security projections, pension information, insurance documents, tax returns, etc.

  • You have access to your own personal financial planning website, which allows you to review the ongoing plan both together with us and on your own time. All of the information we gather and review will be housed on this portal.

  • This part of the process typically involves 1-2 meetings where we work through your plan in person or virtually.

  • Once we are in agreement and have a finalized plan, we move on to the next step. 

We Put It in Action

  • During the implementation stage, we put your plan in motion and prioritize action items. 

  • Consolidating accounts, adjusting investment allocations, and increasing retirement savings are just a few examples of what we do. 

  • As we work through your plan, we collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and other professional advisors whenever possible.

  • We communicate with you each step of the way, ensuring that you know what you can expect from us without any surprises. 

We Stay in Touch

  • Ongoing monitoring is key, as changes in your life and in financial markets can happen quickly and unexpectedly. 

  • We continuously communicate with you so that we are always prepared to adjust your plan as soon as any changes need to be made.

  • At Kemple Financial, we encourage you to reach out at any time with questions or updates for us.

Areas of Focus

Retirement Planning

- A good retirement doesn’t just happen, it is planned.

- Our goal is to increase your confidence in your ability to comfortably retire. We do this by helping you understand where you currently are financially and educating you on options available that we believe are best for you.

- We break down your retirement income needs, sources of income and investment strategy, keeping things simple whenever possible.

Estate Planning

- Estate planning is designed to assist you with transferring your assets to the next generation in an efficient manner and according to your wishes.

- With estate planning, we can help to reduce your heirs’ tax burden.

- A proper estate plan can also help to minimize any debts placed on the estate.

- Estate planning can be used to make gifts to charities that are important to you, allowing you to pass on your money in a meaningful way.

Taxation Planning

- The less money that you pay in taxes, the more you can spend on your goals and doing what you enjoy.

- We can assist you with tax-advantaged savings to maximize your wealth.

- Business owners have their own distinct tax challenges. Whether you're concerned about federal income tax, investment tax, business tax, or estate tax, we can help you understand how your financial planning impacts your taxation.

Education Planning

- The high cost of education is a common concern that we hear from parents and families.


- There are tax-advantaged ways to save and many options we can cover with you

during the planning process.

Risk Management

- We believe that you cannot manage wealth without also managing risk.

- We review your life insurance, property and casualty, and business liability policies to ensure you have adequate protection.

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